Finnish cows, roaming reindeer and saunas star in #livekesä campaign

Telecommunications group DNA is bringing the scenery, cities, lakes and lighthouses of Finland to the rest of the world with its #livekesä (#livesummer) campaign, which livestreams from 10 cameras placed in remote locations across the DNA 4G network.

The DNA #livekesä website showcases the stunning and varied faces of the Finnish Summer – live, as-it-happens – in all its unfiltered glory. It was developed by marketing communications agency hasan & partners Helsinki to let anyone, anywhere, anytime take a peek at quintessential Finnish summer scenes, from the highest north of Lapland, where the sun shines all night, to the Lake Country in the East.

Laid-back summer

Building on hasan & partners success-stories, like the recent Cannes bronze taker ‘Lick-hikers guide to Inner Strength’, the campaign streams live, 24/7, views of the 110% relaxation that only the laid-back Finnish summer can offer.

Livestreaming demonstrates DNA’s first-rate connections in its fast and extensive 4G network, which reaches over 99% of the Finnish population.

The cameras capture the midnight sun, the views of a roaming reindeer in the Lapland wilderness through its POV camera, a gentle cruise through the Finnish Lake Country, and Helsinki and Tampere’s city life. Other locations include a traditional summer cottage and world-famous sauna, cows and calfs grazing on an organic farm, the underwater life of perches and pikes in a clear lake, a lighthouse in the Western archipelago and a roller coaster.

Riikka Järvinen, DNA’s marketing director, said: “Seeing is believing. Instead of explaining that we have excellent coverage, #livekesä is a tangible, personal and relevant way to show that we can stream live video from the most remote parts of Finland and give people a feeling of being there. We have cameras even in places where there is no electricity – in that case we use solar power with battery technology, and special camera housings to withstand the elements.”

Eka Ruola, CEO and ECD at hasan & partners Group explained: “We’re one of the only countries where being stark-naked among family, colleagues and friends is totally acceptable – in the Sauna – and that’s a key part of enjoying the Summer. Who wouldn’t want to join in that? Or take the Midnight Sun, which literally means the sun doesn’t set at night, because we’re so far North – why not show that? And not just show it, but do it from the point-of-view of a reindeer? I can’t help but think those are some of the reasons Lonely Planet ranked Finland as one of its Top 3 Holiday destinations. In the end, we took that idea, and ran with it.”

The campaign was inspired by DNA’s concept of ‘more is beautiful’. By connecting people, nature and technology DNA bridges physical distances with stronger connections.

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