Karhu Beer campaign demands official National Sauna Day

Finnish Sauna Society and Karhu Beer team up with hasan & partners to make second Saturday in June the hottest day of the year.

Marketing communications agency hasan & partners has developed a campaign for the Finnish Sauna Society and Karhu Beer that calls for the second Saturday in June to become Finland’s official National Sauna Day.

Karhu Beer cans are promoting the event with an on-pack call to action that urges Finns to sign a petition demanding the Finnish Government officially recognise National Sauna Day. As soon as 50,000 signatures are received the petition will be presented to the president and debated in parliament.

National culture

Sauna is part of the Finnish national culture; it is estimated that there are at least two million saunas in Finland that serve a population of 5.3 million, the equivalent of one per household. Saunas are everywhere, from multi-national companies to schools; the president has an official sauna, as does the prime minister.

Ossi Honkanen, innovation manager at hasan & partners, said: “The Finnish Sauna Society has lobbied the state to officially recognise National Sauna Day for many years. Beer and sauna are natural partners, so a tie up with Karhu, Finland’s best-selling beer, means we can now make this dream a reality.

“We are confident of reaching our goal of 50,000 signatures and each year strip off our clothes and bathe together as a nation in celebration of our culture.”

Eka Ruola, CEO at hasan & partners Group, said: “We are no strangers in working with our country’s officials. We helped the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland to create the first national emojis in the world. Now we want to blow some steam to the world famous institution of Finnish Sauna.”

Five Little-Known Sauna Facts

  1. There are more saunas than cars in Finland.
  2. The bundle of leafy birch twigs used by Finns to bathe and whip themselves during a sauna is called a ‘vihta’.
  3. According to Finnish tradition ‘Saunatonttu’, the sauna elf, protects the sauna, but hates swearing and will force out anyone that breaks the rules.
  4. Optimum temperature is 80 to 100 degrees C according to The Finnish Sauna Society.
  5. Children are taught basic sauna etiquette from an early age. An old Finnish proverb says: “One should behave in the sauna the way one behaves in church.”

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