Flugfélag Íslands airline criticised for switching to English name

Icelandic airline's decision to drop its Icelandic name is described as an attack on Icelandic business.

One of Iceland’s most successful airlines, Air Iceland, which up until now has been known as Flugfélag Íslands in Iceland, has been renamed Air Iceland Connect.

This decision to drop its Icelandic name has not been welcomed by all, with some critics describing it as an attack on Icelandic businesses.

Attack on business

The Mímir society of students of Icelandic studies at the University of Iceland has written a letter of complaint to the airline, stating: “Mímir believes that this sort of decision is a part of the attack of businesses in Iceland on the position that the Icelandic tongue holds within our society.

“It has been reported in media that the customers of the flight company are mostly Icelanders so it is difficult to understand the purpose of the change of name. The Icelandic tongue is in danger of extinction unless there is a consensus within our society to protect our language and its position.”

Air Iceland Connect (formerly Flugfélag Íslands) said there were numerous reasons for the rebrand, including an increase in tourists visiting Iceland, increased activities on the international market, and enhanced cooperation with Icelandair. The airline said the move would also help to simplify its marketing strategy as the two names, Flugfélag Íslands and Air Iceland, were costly to market separately and often caused confusion for passengers.

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