Adobe wants its Virtual Analyst to be brands’ data expert

Adobe Virtual Assistant, powered by Adobe Sensei, has been created to help brands focus on customer experience.

Adobe has lifted the lid on its “expert that never leaves the office” – Virtual Analyst, powered by Adobe Sensei.

Virtual Analyst continuously analyses data and uses predictive algorithms and machine learning to deliver personalised and valuable alerts and insights into unknown anomalies impacting users’ business.

A key partner

The combination of anomaly detection and contribution analysis allows Adobe Analytics Cloud customers to automate the most common and expensive data science workflows to identify what’s driving unusual behaviour in their data. Intelligent alerts then become a key partner that proactively identifies and notifies users of those anomalies, 24/7.

Jeff Allen, senior director, product marketing, Adobe Analytics Cloud, said: “Think of the Virtual Analyst as your data scientist companion. At every company across the globe, analysts are searching for ways to help brands succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

“As the various channels that their audiences engage in have become complex and muddled, the amount of data that a brand has access to is seemingly infinite, and the question is not how to get that data, but what to do with it. The relationship between man and machine is just being established, and from a marketing lens, brands finally have the opportunity to leverage these new opportunities to become an experience business.”

While in beta, Allen said Adobe saw customers use Virtual Analyst in “incredibly valuable ways” that increased revenue, provided major cost savings and mitigated risks. This includes identifying a bug that was auto-removing certain products from a retailer’s cart, resulting in a 73% increase in cart removals, as well as another customer who Adobe found prematurely ended a campaign, costing the brand $1.7m (€920,000) each day.

Building on its partnership with Microsoft Power BI to integrate Adobe Analytics with additional data sources, Adobe has introduced new content packs for Power BI with Microsoft, including Traffic Analysis to quickly analyse and discover digital traffic trends, and Mobile App Analysis to go in-depth with mobile app user engagement and app performance.

Allen added: “With the massive amount of data at our fingertips, now is the time for brands to better understand the behaviour that clearly drives the bottom line. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Virtual Analyst ushers in a new area – bringing human and machine together to uncover secrets buried deep within customer data.”

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