MailChimp unveils Order Notifications to improve customer experience

MailChimp has introduced Order Notifications, an automation that could help users of its email marketing service improve customer shopping experience, increase brand awareness and generate more revenue.

“If you sell stuff online, you know how important it is to provide your customers with a delightful, stress-free shopping experience, from the moment they start filling up their cart all the way through to checkout,” a MailChimp spokesperson said.

Order Notifications is intended to give e-commerce businesses the power to design and send personalised transactional emails – such as shipping confirmations, order invoices, and more – without leaving MailChimp.

“And, since your notification emails can now be created in the same place as your email campaigns and Facebook ads, it’s easier than ever to keep your marketing consistent across channels,” the spokesperson added. “You can even use a product recommendations block to showcase additional items from your store, then track revenue and engagement with MailChimp’s powerful reporting tools.”

According to MailChimp, Order Notifications could help businesses design beautiful notification messages that match the look and feel of the other email and ad campaigns they create. Companies can customise their notifications with their brand’s logo and colour palette, and even add a personal message to thank customers for their purchase or provide them with follow-up instructions. Each notification also automatically displays all of the important details about a customer’s purchase, like the amount they spent, when an order shipped, or the date a refund was processed.

Order Notifications features include:

Order Confirmation: Sends customers a receipt after they buy something from your store, complete with details about their order.

Order Invoice: Similar to an order confirmation, an order invoice sends to a customer once their transaction has been successfully processed. If a company doesn’t charge customers when they place an order, they could consider sending an order invoice instead.

Shipping Confirmation: This notification will let customers know that the item they ordered is on the way as soon as it ships.

Cancellation Confirmation: Enable a cancellation confirmation notification to help customers confirm when an order has been successfully cancelled. This notification is triggered to send when a customer cancels an order they made from a company’s store.

Refund Confirmation: Businesses might occasionally receive refund requests if a customer doesn’t like a product or there was an issue with their order. Companies can set up a notification that sends to customers once their refund has finished processing.

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