International Women’s Day: IKEA wants a more gender equal world

Gender equality is good for co-workers, customers and business, IKEA says.

Women have the right to be treated fairly and be given equal opportunities, Ikea has stressed on International Women’s Day.

As a self-professed humanistic company, IKEA says that gender equality is good for its co-workers, its customers and its business.

An IKEA spokseperson explained: “At IKEA Group we actively work to reach our goal of having a gender equal and inclusive work environment. Equal pay has been identified as one key factor to focus on in the coming years.

“We are committed to having IKEA salaries being set independently of race, gender, age or other life situations. We want to secure that equal pay for jobs of equal value is achieved by 2020.”

Today, the IKEA Group will participate in the first ever UN high-level panel on Women Economic Empowerment. Co-chaired by Simona Scarpaleggia, retail manager from IKEA Switzerland.

The panel works on the drivers to unlock potential for women to fully participate in the economy and achieve financial independence, making sure that no woman is left behind.

IKEA’s spokesperson said: “The IKEA Group commitment in this partnership is to continue to work to achieve gender equality, promote equal opportunities and provide equal pay.

“But we will also keep joining forces with governmental and non-governmental organisations to contribute to a positive change in society.”

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