Facebook offers marketers advanced advertising measurement tools

Facebook Advanced Measurement allows advertisers to compare advertising performance.

Facebook has begun a test of new advanced measurement tools focused on reach and attribution.

These tools are expected to be available through Facebook Business Manager soon, bringing people-based measurement to more marketers through Facebook’s interfaces. The social media network believes advanced measurement will make it easier to compare the effectiveness of Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network alongside other publishers.

The fragmentation of digital media has made it difficult for marketers to get a complete view of audiences across devices. In fact, a study conducted by Forrester and Facebook found that 82 per cent of marketers are constantly searching for new tools to help optimise their cross-device advertising strategies.

Over the past few years, Facebook’s ad tech platform Atlas has brought people-based measurement to some of the largest marketers in the world and has run measurement campaigns with more than 300 of the world’s largest advertisers. During this time, Facebook has been thinking about how it can bring the insights from Atlas to more marketers, regardless of their size.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We hope to make sophisticated measurement – which has historically been expensive and reliant on intense collaboration with digital platforms – more accessible to a wider range of advertisers.”

Slavi Samardzija, global CEO of Annalect, Omnicom Media Group’s data technology platform, said: “Consistent and accurate measurement across browsers, devices and platforms is critical to evaluating marketing performance and increasing our client’s ROI.

“As an early and ongoing advocate for a ‘cross everything standard’, and the first media agency holding company to test Atlas measurement across clients and geographies, we see the launch of advanced measurement as a significant step toward achieving that goal industrywide.”

Throughout the rest of 2017, Facebook claims its advanced measurement solution will become the central destination for people-based, cross-publisher measurement.

“We’ll also look to integrate additional measurement tools for performance and brand marketers beneath the advanced measurement umbrella,” Facebook’s spoesperson added. “And, we’ll start transitioning clients who use our Atlas measurement solutions to our advanced measurement products.

“Our goal is to help all businesses understand how their marketing drives value both on and off Facebook. To that end, we’re keeping accessibility and comparability top of mind as we build out advanced measurement solutions.”

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