AOL teams up with Adsquare for geo-location targeting

The capability will be available in a dozen countries, including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

American mass media corporation, AOL, has partnered with mobile audience targeting firm, Adsquare, to offer more location-based adverts.

Announcing the deal at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, AOL said it will build Adsquare’s data into its programmatic platform, One by AOL, which helps publishers sell ads.

Adsquare provides data from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

Alex Timbs, head of data and attribution at AOL International, said: “The new partnership brings additional rich mobile location data that will complement the demographic, age and gender data AOL has from deals like the recent one with Weve, and our own media brands.”

For example, entertainment clients could now layer historical location data with other data in Adsquare’s segments, such as existing demographic data and purchasing data, to better understand which audiences might be visiting cinemas frequently.

Timbs added: “This allows us to tailor campaigns and creative accordingly and increase the relevancy of the creative, which in turn drives higher engagement.”

Tom Laband, chief executive and co-founder at Adsquare said: “Mobile is so much more than the most personal channel for targeting customers. It is also the most consistent identifier, and source of a broad set of data. Adsquare’s Audience Management Platform offers a single access to multiple data sources and dimensions to create powerful audience segments.”

Darren Khan, UK & European MD, at video production firm Genero, believes AOL’s partnership with Adsquare is the perfect example of how brands can, and should, embrace new technologies in order to offer audiences a more localised and personal experience.

He said: “For any brand to succeed they must create content that taps into the audience’s experiences and speaks to their human side. In the video ad industry, this is even more crucial with competition rife and the rise of mobile driving user interaction.

“Simply put, it’s no longer enough to churn out content that is built to further the business agenda. Connecting AOL’s programmatic platform with Adsquare’s data will allow brands to synch their content with the necessary contextual information. The result of this will enable ads to reach audiences in real-time, and across multiple different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.”

The myriad of different technology-driven platforms now means brands have to adapt and produce bespoke, creative content that users actually want to engage with, Khan explained.

He added: “AOL’s partnership is entirely designed to achieve this, facilitating campaigns to be tailored to 24/7 societal influences and in-turn drive engagement.”

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