How Lotus drove customer engagement with gamification

STACK's #itsnotforyou campaign overreached Lotus' engagement target by 37%.

The client

Lotus Cars is a world-renowned British sports and racing car manufacturer, most notable for its Esprit, Elan, Europa and Elise cars. It has also achieved further fame due to its motor racing success with Team Lotus in Formula One.

But Lotus hadn’t done anything for four years. No car launches, no press releases, no CRM activity.


The brief

With the launch of the new Lotus Evora 400, the company had to compete alongside big spending rivals with a fraction of their marketing budgets, and get Europe’s car press talking about the brand again.

The solution

Lotus turned to STACK, an integrated creative agency, for help. The agency works across the whole marketing ‘stack’ of creativity, technology and data, specialising in customer acquisition and engagement.

When you can’t outspend you have to outmanoeuvre. And if there’s one way to get the super wealthy interested in something it’s telling them they can’t have it. STACK’s #itsnotforyou campaign told Lotus’ ultra competitive audience that money wasn’t enough to own an Evora 400 – they had to prove they could handle this super-light, uber-agile sports car.

And, thanks to a smart partnership with Bloomberg and gaming techniques borrowed from the RAF, they could do it without having to move from their trading desk. They just had to visit where they could take the Lotus Evora Agility Test.

The result

Against a target of 4,000 participants leading to 800 ‘quality’ leads, STACK had more than 6,000 game players in the first two months of the campaign, of whom 1,100 went on to request a test drive or more information. And, when you have 250 Evoras for sale in the first year of production, overreaching target by 37% is quite an achievement.

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