Pegasystems wants to give your customers ‘concierge-level’ service

Pega Self-Service Advisor has been created to help companies put their customers at the centre of their business

Software firm Pegasystems has launched Pega Self-Service Advisor, which it describes as an AI-powered capability that can enable businesses to provide customers with intelligent ‘digital advisors’ anywhere on their web and mobile channels.

By understanding customer intent in real time, this new one-click feature brings up the content and actions the customer needs into a single view. Using the software, Pegasystems says businesses can provide AI-powered concierge-level service while bypassing scattered navigation experiences that frustrate customers and negatively impact the bottom line.

Organisations commonly offer a variety of self-service features on their sites in the hope that customers will find what they need online before resorting to a costly customer service call. But the relevant data and actions are often buried across different sections of the site, sending customers on a scavenger hunt to locate what they need. For example, a customer troubleshooting a product issue could bounce from FAQ repository and user community sections to ‘how to’ videos and online service chats before ultimately resolving the problem. The longer it takes customers to dig, the more likely it is they will call a service representative or jump to a competitor’s site.

Pega Self-Service Advisor uses Pega’s AI engine to surface only the information the customer wants at that particular moment by analysing their past engagement history and current site movements. Customers can simply click a ‘Need Help’ button from any web or mobile page to launch a dynamic screen overlay that presents customised links and actions. Contextual data is gathered from disparate sections of the site and aggregated into a single view. Customers can then browse this information and take immediate action – such as pay a bill, buy a product, or change an order – all without leaving the page.

Jeff Nicholson, VP, CRM product marketing, Pegasystems, said: “Most organisations talk the talk about putting their customers at the centre of their business, but in practice, they find this is very difficult to pull off.

“Now companies can dynamically adapt their digital experiences to the customer, instead of forcing their customers to adapt to their systems. And this can now be done without changing the existing infrastructure. This enables the business to provide a contextual and contiguous experience while lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction – a win-win for all involved.”

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