6 top tips for crowdsourcing projects

Jeffrey Lee, global marketing director at video production crowdsourcing platform, Userfarm, explains how to nail crowdsourcing.

Simple advice but useful if you are considering an imminent crowdsourcing campaign – follow Userfarm’s simple steps and you can’t go wrong…

1. Use a top platform

There are a number of crowdsourcing platforms around, such as Tongal in the USA. In the UK and Europe, Userfarm’s list of global brands worked with is second-to-none, so bear that in mind! Let’s face it, 120,000 filmmakers can’t be wrong!

2. Intrigue and inspire, don’t inhibit!

Let the crowd take the reins and allow their imagination to run wild with a simple brief incorporating everything you’d like to see. The trick is to keep brand guidelines strong while leaving the brief open enough to inspire. Over-briefing can lead to restricted thinking and perhaps a number of similar videos.

3. Open your mind…

You’ll get a flood of creative ideas including a lot a whole host of stuff you haven’t even considered. Just because some filmmakers have gone their own way, don’t dismiss them – indulge their vision for your brand because you might just unearth an unpolished diamond.

4. Clarity

We’ve recommended you keep your brief short and snappy, but also make sure you are specific if you have a very definite idea of exactly what you’re looking for as opposed to a general idea, make sure you say so!

5. Incentivise

Make no mistake, flashing the cash works wonders when crowdsourcing is involved. Offer good incentives. The more you offer, the better produced videos you will get because there’s more at stake. Play it cheap and you’ll be disappointed with the results, but offer from the region of £5,000 for a top selection and you’ll get some golden nuggets. Decent rewards for second and third also go down well with the crowd.

6. Product placement

A good, imaginative crowdsourcing can be good for business. Find a way of giving members something back, so the successful candidates win vouchers, product, services or whatever as part of the prize. It generates a feel-good factor and spreads brand awareness in the process. Maybe create an offer for the crowdsourcing platform you are using so everybody can benefit in some way. Just stuff to consider!

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