How Finland markets itself…one smiley face at time

New Finland emojis promote Arctic expertise, Sámi identity, and gay pride.

Finland has added seven new emojis to its hugely successful collection of Finland emojis created to promote the country around the globe.

emoji-sauna_mOne of the new emojis is the Sámi flag. Sámi National Day falls on February 6 and is celebrated by the only indigenous people of the European Union, whose homelands stretch across northern Finland, Norway and Sweden and a corner of northwestern Russia.

Another addition recognises artist and icon Tom of Finland, while five new Arctic emojis showcase Arctic nature, expertise and fun.

Finland was the first country in the world to publish its own set of national emojis back in December 2015, as part of the Christmas calendar on the country branding website, produced by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. A collection of summer emojis was created in May 2016.

The emoji collection appears to have been a hit, garnering a number of international awards and reaching upwards of 200 million users.

emoji-sauna_fPetra Theman, director for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, said: “We’ve kept our tongue-in-cheek approach.

“However, the emojis still clearly convey what Finland feels is important: biodiversity and
natural coexistence – coexistence with the challenges of our environment and also harmonious coexistence with each other.”

In all, 54 emojis are now included in the Finland emojis app, available for free download in Google Play and the App Store. They can also be downloaded for all devices as images from

The Finland emojis are designed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland together with art director Bruno Leo Ribeiro.

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